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Sean Sanborn

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Sean is a Missionary Kid himself and has lived in Thailand for over 19 years, primarily involved in Church Planting and Frontier Missions and has led over 50 outreach teams. He is fluent in the Thai language. He, his wife and two children now live in Florida.

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Missionary Kid Chronicles: The Naga Trilogy: Journey

“Can your God stop a dragon? Will you go?” Recently rescued orphan Katya begged Chaz and his family to return to her isolated home village in Thailand. In this coming-of-age story, missionary kid, Chaz, must stop a Spirit Doctor from sacrificing a little girl to a Naga dragon. Chaz discovers a military…

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Missionary Kid Chronicles: The Naga Trilogy: Rescue

An ancient monster threatens the lives of villagers in a remote Asian jungle… A ruthless mafia kidnaps and trades innocent girls for their own sinister purposes… Chaz, a missionary kid in Thailand, seeks out God’s voice when his own recklessness puts the lives of everyone he loves in grave danger.…

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