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Karin McBride Chenoweth

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Karin McBride-Chenoweth is a successful Businessperson, Award-winning Writer, Editor and Publisher of Christian and secular works. Her experience spans many countries including: UK, Ireland, Europe and USA. Karin is founder/editor of 3-in-1 The Voice a Christian E-zine. She has written and published a number of books and guest blogs for multiple Christian sites. She is married to David and has grown-up children. She lives and works in the United States.

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Brampton Hall

Louisa Medcalf despairs that her twenty-year-old daughter Maria will never marry – or worse yet, that she will marry a man below the family’s ‘to the manor born’ station in English society. However, Maria is determined not to marry just any man, regardless of his station. Her uncompromising…

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The Genesis Diary

The Genesis Diary shines a new light on the creation story, and the fact that God has embedded the promise of man's salvation long before his fall. It explores the book of Genesis and other great books in the Bible. Coralie Eden - 3-in-1 Young Christian Author of the Year begins to unveil the greatness…

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Beyond the Moon, Sky and Stars

“You never get something for nothing.” This is a lesson that little cherub angel Gaby has yet to learn, as she wishes away her days in heaven, hoping for better wings like she sees on the other angels and a better job than just delivering messages. However, one day, her supervisor Angela tells her…

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