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Barbara M. Sutryn

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My first fiction book, The Sign Painter,was published in 1985 by Tyndale A biography of Wilmos Csehy (Heartstrings)in 2004, a memoire that reads like fiction, Translucent Fact: Cutting Boards & Roses, in 2012. I have also published many articles and poems.

I am a 91 year old widow with failing eyesight and am fortunate to have a large magnifier and access to "Books for the Blind" audio tapes.

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Amanda and That Boy

Amanda Wade has beauty, brains and a wealthy father. He has taught her that their wealth should be used to benefit others. He is proud of Amanda‚Äôs determination to teach new skills to underachievers, helping them to earn a better living. Amanda has designed a program to identify and remedy the educational…

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