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Mildred Colvin

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Mildred, a native of Missouri, has three adult children who have given her and her husband three beautiful granddaughters to love.

Mildred began writing with her sister, Jean Norval. Mildred now has over 30 books published and writes under her own name and with her son, Jonathan Colvin. She enjoys seeing God's message sent out through the stories He places on her heart.

Books by Author

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Mountain Christmas Brides: Nine Historical Novellas Celebrate Faith and Love in the Rocky Mountains

From a Wyoming ranch in 1880, to a logging camp in Washington Territory in the late 1800s, to Denver, Colorado, in 1913, meet nine couples who find that Christmas is the perfect time for climbing to the heights of romance. Watch as their faith and courage propel them through challenges that come with…

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Silver Lining (Mail-order Bride) (Volume 1)

Abducted by white slavers. Danya Morrison escapes, but fearing to return to her boarding house, she answers an ad in a discarded newspaper and leaves New York City for the plains of Kansas. Surely even marriage to a man she’s never met would be better than the danger awaiting her in the city. Matthew…

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Facing Tessa's Past

Tessa wants to forget the past. Tessa Stevens has a past she would rather forget. But when she comes face-to-face with a part of her past while on vacation, she is forced to reevaluate her future. Then she falls in love with the man of her dreams once again, knowing that he is as unattainable as before,…

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Prairie Hearts

Dreams Come True on the Prairie. Three women of the 1890s dream of romantic adventure, but can they possibly find it in the small town of Cedar Bend, Kansas. When Carrie Butler's runaway buggy is stopped by a handsome drifter, she believes her dreams for love have come true. But John Thornton is determined…

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Missouri Brides

Hope - Lost and Found - on the steadfast prairie. Missouri of the early 1800s is full of exciting growth and westward expansion, but for three women, it is the home of lost hopes. Cora Jackson dreams of her St. Louis beau coming to whisk her away from the dull prairie, but soon realizes it'll never…

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Joanna's Adventure

Be careful what you ask for! Life in Cedar Bend, Kansas, has become one predictable day after another. Joanna Brady helps her father with his patients, smiles sweetly at her beau, and secretly chafes over the boredom of it all. She wonders, is this really all life is meant to be? Where is the romance?…

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This Child is Mine

Beth's life is about to change. A blood test that should have brought comfort brings confusion and pain instead. Now, Beth Murdock must face the truth - Stevie, the little girl she has raised as her own for almost two years, isn't hers. Jonathan McDuff doesn't know what to make of the legal document…

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