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Michele Israel Harper

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Michele Israel Harper spends her days as a stay-at-home mom and her nights spinning her own tales. Sleep? Sometimes… She has her Bachelor of Arts in history, is slightly obsessed with all things French—including Jeanne d’Arc and La Belle et la Bête—and loves curling up with a good book more than just about anything else. Author of Wisdom & Folly: Sisters, Zombie Takeover, Beast Hunter, Kill the Beast and the soon-to-be-released Silence the Siren, Michele prays her involvement in writing, editing, and publishing will touch many lives in the years to come. Visit to learn more about her.

Books by Author

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Kill the Beast

Ro remembers the castle before. Before the gates closed. Before silence overtook the kingdom. Before the castle disappeared. Now it shimmers to life one night a year, seen by her alone. Once a lady, now a huntress, Ro does what it takes to survive—just like the rest of the kingdom plunged into despair…

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Beast Hunter

Ro’s people are starving. A curse has overtaken her land, blackening the soil, wiping out crops, and bringing ruin to all. She doesn’t know what to do. The only people who thrive are the huntsmen, brought in by the mysterious Gautier to stem the flow of ravenous creatures looking for food. When…

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