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Tracy N. Traynor

Author Bio:

I started writing my YA Fantasy book about 25 years ago. It took me a long time to decide to self publish but now I am glad I did. Three books out in the fantasy series so far, next one on the way. These book have my Christian beliefs within them but they aren't necessary just for Christians. For eg The Sirocco Witch is the Holy Spirit, but you might not know this unless I mentioned it.
I am very excited about my historical novel which is coming out on 1st Dec as this was inspired by a woman I met in Mombasa, and although it is fictional it has a lot of real events within it.

Books by Author

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Idi & The Oracle's Quest

An orphan with a painful past. A wizard running out of time. Together, they’ll discover the most powerful magic is hidden within. Orphaned at birth and bullied his whole life, Idi never thought he’d grow up to become anything other than the village idiot. When a washed-up wizard tells him he’s…

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