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John J. Zelenski

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"Not everything in this life can be explained." That is my motto and the words I hold close to my soul, having had many supernatural experiences throughout my life. While I tend to write about the darker side of life, I know that the Light is only a breath away from extinguishing the night.

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The Journal of Ezekiel Walker

In the fall of 1945, just after the close of World War II, Ezekiel Walker has returned home on a furlough from his Civilian Public Service Unit. As Ezekiel tries to adjust to life back on the family farm, strange and unexplained events soon unfold, and Ezekiel begins to experience frightening visions,…

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Walker's Vale

A man struggling with his faith decides to move his family to the small country town of Walker’s Vale, Pennsylvania. James Cooper, his wife Maria, and their four year-old autistic daughter soon discover that the ideal life they wanted comes with a steep price. A series of bizarre events soon begin…

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