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Sandra Gay Atkins

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Sandra Atkins lives in the small town of Campobello, SC. She was born and 'raised' amidst an unusual mixture of strict, Baptist religion and local superstition. A mild-mannered postal worker by day, she travels to countless lands in her free time, some real but mostly between the covers of a book.
She loves wearing hats and often proclaims, "I'm Southern, I wear my oddities like a hat." She and her pets enjoy listening to classical music, spending time with friends and family, and watching crime series on TV.

Books by Author

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learning to Fly*

Learning to Fly is the heart-warming story of a boy coming of age. It is the story of mistakes made and lessons learned. On becoming a teenager, Sam feels that he is old enough and wise enough to exert his authority over his sister, Cassie. When he attempts to teach Cassie a lesson, thing go horribly…

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