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Sharon Rose

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Sharon Rose has a life-long fascination with people. Communication, culture, personalities, viewpoints, beliefs…anything that makes each of us beautifully unique.
For over fifteen years, she explored those interests as an Information Technology Business Analyst, acting as a liaison between savvy business customers and brilliant IT geeks. There were days when that job felt much like translating concepts between alien cultures.
In 2016 Sharon waved goodbye to big corporations, to focus on her dream of writing science fiction and fantasy. What better way to dive deep into the complexities of humankind? For, every far-flung adventure starts from the treasures hidden deep within us.
Sharon is the author of the Agents of Rivelt short story series, the novel Diverse Similarity, and many more stories still finding their way onto the page. When she’s not writing or reading, she may be traveling, enjoying gardens, or searching for unique coffee shops. She lives with her husband in Minnesota, USA.

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Diverse Similarity

Kena is the only human in a multi-racial starship crew. She’s admired for her navigational skills, but her race is viewed as problematic. Cultural differences abound, seasoned by unexpected similarities. Those lacking telepathic abilities have another disadvantage. Kena presents the crew with a paradox.…

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