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Mary Mack

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Mary Mack is a native of County Clare, Ireland, who can trace her lineage back to Fionn MacCumhail through the famous High King Brian Boru. She writes about the ancient history and mythology of her people -- with a Christian twist and Biblical worldview.

Mary's novel 'Ashling' is based upon an award-winning screenplay (Table Read My Screenplay contest, Best Fantasy Screenplay, 2015) about an Irish Traveller girl (aka Tinker) who goes back in time and battles Fomorian Giants, Elves of the Tuatha De Danaan, and Fallen Angels who are worshipped as Celtic gods.

The idea for the story came about after an epic dream caused by reading a 12th century manuscript, An Leabhar Gabhala (The Book of Invasions), the preceding day.

Mary moved to California as a teenager and currently lives in the High Desert of the Mojave. She homeschools her children and works as a freelance editor and graphic designer while burning the midnight oil.

Mary is Editor of The Mohahve Muse -- the official newsletter of the Mohahve Historical Society -- and Assistant Editor of The Inkslinger -- the newsletter of the California Writers Club (High Desert Branch). She also teaches screenwriting workshops. Other professional memberships include the International Screenwriters Association.

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A freak hang-gliding accident plunges Ashling through a rip in the fabric of Time and catapults her into Ireland’s past, where Fomorian Giants are battling Elves of the Tuatha Dé Danaan for lordship over the downtrodden, enslaved Humans. In her seemingly impossible quest to outsmart these creatures,…

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