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C E. Blohm

Author Bio:

C.E. Blohm has been many things in the course of his life: an investigator of stolen ocean cargo, a radio DJ in a small Iowa town (where Johnny Carson lived as a youth), a television producer/director, an instructor of mass media at Purdue University––and a writer. He has written just about everything from television scripts to telephone on-hold advertising messages.

Blohm has written more than fifty magazine articles and twenty-five nonfiction books for middle-grade readers, as well as several works of fiction for adults. He is a member of the Association of Christian Fiction Writers.

Blohm was born and raised in the Midwest, and now resides near Chicago with his wife Desiree and Jasper, a black cat who is (probably) not the source of bad luck.

Books by Author

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An Education in Fear

Professor Emilie Parker narrowly escapes the hit-and-run driver who injures her brother, Paul. He had come to give Emilie new evidence in her husband’s death. Now, with Paul in a coma, Emilie must discover what that evidence is. University Police Chief Cade Logan agrees to help Emilie, but a series…

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