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KB Emerson

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KB Emerson tells a story that binds history, legends, lore and biblical adventures into a realm where angels, demons, man and technology collide and the very existence of the world hangs in the balance. In this first book the reader is introduced to the immortal offspring of fallen angels and the secret evil that they have played a role in since the dawn of humankind. K.B. Emerson brings a new sense of reality to ancient history and the spiritual war that is taking place all around us today. His intimate knowledge of warfare and Special Operations in particular take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of unconventional war and the asymmetrical environment Satan attacks us from.

K.B. Emerson lives with his wonderful wife and family in Texas.

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Nephilim Legio Trilogy Book1

Eons before man's appearance on earth, a war waged between the Host of Heaven and the Fallen Angels who followed Satan in his rebellion against God. The Fallen seduced women, and the cataclysmic results were their children known as the Nephilim, a terrible mix of human and angel Dna that can only be…

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