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Martha Rogers

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Martha has been writing and making up stories since her childhood. She is a member of ACFW and writes a weekly devotional for the group as well a member of Writers on the Storm Woodlands, Texas chapter of ACFW. She is also treasurer for her local chapter of Inspirational Writers Alive! in Houston.
Her book credits include the novella, Sugar and Grits released in 2007. Becoming Lucy is the first book in her Winds Across the Prairie released in 2010 which had 6 books. Other series include: Seasons of the Heart, Homeward Journey, Love in the Bayou City of Texas, and Where Love Grows, in addition to numerous novellas included in collections. She has also written seven Bible studies, contributions to compilations by Wayne Holmes, Karen O’Conner, and Debbie White Smith. Martha contributed devotionals to several anthologies including recently released, Blissfully Blended, a devotional book for Step-Moms from Barbour. Martha served as editor of an eight page monthly newsletter for the writer’s organization, Inspirational Writers Alive! for six years and is the state President. She is also the director for the annual Texas Christian Writer’s Conference.
Martha is available for speaking engagements with workshops on writing or topics for women's groups and retreats.
Martha and her husband Rex live in Houston, Texas. They have 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Books by Author

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Christmas Lights and Romance

Christmas contemporary romances sure to warm your heart during the Christmas season. Romance, mystery, suspense. This collection has it all.

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First Love Forever Romance Collection: 9 Historical Romances, Where First Loves are Rekindled

Coming face to face with a lost love can be awkward when the heartstrings are still holding on to the “what ifs.” In settings from 1865 to 1910, nine couples are thrown back on the same path by life’s changes and challenges. Can love rekindle despite the separation of time and space?

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Christmas at Stoney Creek: A Novel

When newspaper reporter Tom Whiteman befriends a homeless man named Joe, Tom decides to bring him home to Stoney Creek, Texas. Joe begins to work odd jobs around town and make new friends, but contradictions in the man’s manner and speech cause Tom to believe there’s more to the old man than meets…

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Mail Order Brides: Sometimes Love is only an Advertisement Away (9 stories of mail order love)

In a time when men outnumbered women, and women sought one of the only avenues available to them, mail order weddings were prominent out west. Nine authors came together bringing you everything from full length to short story, from springtime to Christmas. Settle back and enjoy a simpler time when men…

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Love Never Fails (The Homeward Journey)

At odds over their beliefs and separated by the war, Molly and Stefan must learn to depend of God. In book three of the Homeward Journey series, Daniel and Sally Delaney’s daughter Molly finishes school and returns to her home to teach. When old friends of her parents come for a visit with their…

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Love Finds Faith (The Homeward Journey)

Why can’t people see what is on the inside?   Hannah Dyer has just moved to Texas to help her brother-in-law in his medical practice. Despite her handicap of having one leg much shorter than the other, she is a great nurse whose skills help make the practice the most successful in the area.   When…

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Love Stays True (The Homeward Journey)

Can Sallie and Manfred overcome the distance that the war has put between them and find love?   In April 1865, the day following the surrender at Appomattox, Manfred McDaniel Whiteman and his brother, Edward, are released in an exchange of prisoners. They are given a few provisions, and they begin…

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Christmas at Holly Hill

When Clay Barlow returns home after spending 5 years in prison for bank robbery, his parents welcome him with open arms, but the town is less trusting and accepting. Merry Lee Warner once loved him and sees in him the man he could be if he trusted God with his future, but as much as he cares for her,…

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Spring Hope

Libby Cantrell’s life has gone from bad to worse since her mother’s death. With an abusive father, and life in a brothel, she sees no hope for her future until she gains the courage to make her escape one cold winter night. When she arrives exhausted, hungry, and ill in Portersfield, Texas, Sheriff…

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Amelia's Journey

Once childhood friends, Ben Haynes is taken with Amelia Carlyle when he meets her again at her sister's wedding. Although he will be returning to Kansas and life on his father's ranch, Ben calls on Amelia several times, and they find they have more in common then they first realized. Ad he leaves for…

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Winter Promise

Abigail Monroe, fearing spinsterhood as she approaches her twenty-fifth birthday, she decides to join her brother and his new wife in Porterfield, Texas where she plans to open a library. A sprained ankle leads her to the infirmary and treatment by Doctor Elliot Jensen. Although attracted to her, a…

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Summer Dream

As the daughter of a small-town minister in Connecticut, Rachel Winston fears that the only way she’ll ever find a husband is to visit her aunt in Boston for the social season. But when Nathan Reed arrives in town, she can’t help but wonder if he’s the one. Although attracted to Rachel, Nathan…

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Caroline's Choice

Matthew Haynes enjoys working the ranch with his father. Caroline Frankston has had her eye on Matthew since their school days, and has put off any advances from other young men. Now in her mid-twenties, she’s afraid she’ll never marry because Matt Haynes shows no interest in marriage, so she moves…

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Finding Becky

Rebecca Haynes arrives home from college with new ideas and attitudes about women and her faith that bring dismay to Rob Frankston who has loved her since her days as the young girl Becky. Geoff Kensington arrives in town at the same time with an interest in Rebecca. When problems and strange accidents…

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A Riverwalk Christmas

A vivid setting, rich in cultural history, Christmastime along the San Antonio Riverwalk is a delightful setting for four modern romances. Ecko finally meets the right kind of guy, but can he trust her motives? Valerie hires an old flame to revive her business, but will he stick around? Gabriela has…

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Morning for Dove

When Luke Anderson falls in love with Dove Morris, he is aware of her Native American heritage. What he is not prepared for is the prejudice exhibited by his mother against Dove. Torn between the people he loves most in the world, Luke struggles with his feelings until a wildfire on the prairie threatens…

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Becoming Lucy

After her parents' deaths, seventeen-year-old heiress Lucinda Bishop is sent to Oklahoma to live with her aunt anduncle. Oklahoma ranch life brings her more than she bargained for when she meets ranch hand Jake Starnes, a dreifter who is running from his past. As her friendship with Jake grows, Lucinda…

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Sugar and Grits

Berta, Dottie Jean, Sassy, and Sue Ellen are all settled in their ways and pursuing their dreams. In these four separate stories, whether single or widowed, young or pushing fifty years, content in the home or running a business, God will throw an unexpected surprise at these strong and capable women.…

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