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Kathy Parish

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Kathy Parish is a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother living in central Arkansas. She continues to practice as a cardiology nurse practitioner while pursuing her "second calling" as a writer of inspirational Christian romantic and women's fiction. Her goal is to inspire and entertain readers through stories that portray journeys of faith in modern life. Her faith is the foundation of her life; her family and writing, her joys.

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Colorado's Choice

Author Kathy Parish welcomes you back to the town of Four Corners in the latest in her series of Christian romances. Nurse Charlotte Carter loves her town but begins to suspect that there is something lurking in the heart of Four Corners that has the potential to poison the entire community. As her…

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Freely Given

A woman's faith leads her down a path she never expected in Kathy Parish's heartwarming debut romance, Freely Given. Katie Moore is an overnight millionaire after a gifted lottery ticket turns up a winner. After donating one million dollars to her local church, Katie is taken aback by the frenzy that…

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