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Terra Lynee

Author Bio:

Terra Lynee wanted to write a novel that explored how love evolves, and even transcends time. Her first book, Nathan's Fate, is that exploration. It's also a look into how faith destroyed by a tragedy can be rebuilt. Terra's own ancestors indirectly inspired her to write the book...with items like a Civil War letter and a personal Bible, which they left behind.

While crafting business communications on a daily basis, Terra began to take time to type the words that would become the novel. She wrote the last chapter first, knowing with certainty how she felt the story should end. Nathan's Fate moves between two eras. It is for the fan of historical fiction and Christian fiction.

The author, who studied English at a Texas university, has lived throughout the U.S. She has worked in the fields of Journalism, Public Relations, and Marketing.

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Nathan's Fate

IN TWO different eras, two women wait for the men they love to return from war. As Sara longs to welcome her boyfriend, Dillon, home from the Middle East, she inherits a Civil War Bible from her grandmother. This cherished book links her to an ancestor, Lydia, who once prayed for her fiancé—a Union…

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