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Elizabeth Noyes

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Elizabeth Noyes is an award-winning author of edgy, action-packed, romantic suspense. She finds that her best writing comes while cruising the Caribbean, driving through National Parks, riding trains across Canada, bumping along on tour buses around Europe, or tucked away in the sun room of her home in suburban Atlanta (when she and her hubby return from traveling, that is).

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Imperfect Lies (Book 4 of the Imperfect Series)

In rural Idaho, life is sweet ... until it isn't. Dreams aren't guaranteed and when another woman emerges from the past to claim Mallory Cameron's happily ever after, she cuts her losses and sets out to find a headline-worthy story to launch her journalism career. She embarks on a whirlwind journey…

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Imperfect Trust (Book 2 of the Imperfect Series)

Scarred by childhood tragedy and then abandoned by a mother who couldn't handle a gifted child, Lucy Kiddron survived foster care to become a computer analyst for the government. Three years later, she's poised to leave the agency and launch her own video game ... until her final assignment goes horribly…

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Imperfect Bonds (Book 3 of the Imperfect Series)

Cassidy Cameron's life is in a tailspin. Her estranged twin sister hates her. Her family tiptoes around her. She's lost her driver's license and any hope of a new job. Worse, the arrogant town deputy who stole her heart wants more than she's willing to give ... or is she the one who wants more from…

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