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Janith Ellen Hooper

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I’m Janith Hooper. I live with my husband of forty-three years in Oakdale, California—Cowboy Capital of the World. What better place to write western romances, right? We have four sons, all grown, and three grandchildren, soon to be four. So far. I’ve only been writing for a decade, but I love every energy-draining, joyous moment of it. After raising our sons, God directed me to the next phase of my life—writing novels. I certainly couldn’t do it without Him. In fact, I do it for Him.

Books by Author

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Fight For Me: A Quaking Heart Novel - Book Three (Volume 3)

What happens to a man when he counts his own worth as loss? What happens to a woman when unseen wounds destroy her ability to speak? They invest in one another. Jake and Suzannah dare to dream of a future together—until Jake’s past twists back into their lives and threatens to steal him away. *…

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Stay With Me (A Quaking Heart Novel - Book Two) (Volume 2)

When Johnnie Williams returns from Montana to orderly city life, he finds his job as a Pinkerton detective no longer sparks his passion like it used to . . . until Rose Marie crosses his path, knee deep in criminal activity. As Johnnie investigates her, a different kind of passion ignites—along with…

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Ride With Me (A Quaking Heart Novel - Book One) (Volume 1)

When Clint’s vow to never marry and his attraction to Jessie square off, Clint finds himself at a life-altering crossroads. Will he take her innocence . . . or her heart, and change both their lives forever. He is her dream come to life. She is invisible to him. Jessica Harper is a sweet but innocent…

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