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Linda Hoover

Author Bio:

Linda A. Hoover writes both Young Adult and Adult historical fiction. She's had several columns published in the South Charleston Spectator as well as a middle grade serial for that same newspaper. She is recently retired from the county's public library system. Linda loves to write and enjoys spending time with her family, reading and cooking.

Books by Author

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Lighter Than Air

When Elena Bishop lost her mother at age twelve, her father lost his purpose for living. Now they'll lose their home unless her father can pay his gambling debt by the end of the summer. Elena believes God has directed her to have a family camp on the grounds of their estate to raise the money. Justin…

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Mountain Prophecy

In 1918, Dusty and Darla's Appalachian relatives still feud with their neighbors, are deeply superstitious and believe in local folklore. The teen twins deal with it every summer. But this time two young women have disappeared into an abandoned mine, and the mountain families believe trolls looking…

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