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Carol Ashby

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Carol Ashby has been a professional writer for most of her life, but her articles and books were mostly about lasers and compound semiconductors (think the electronics that make cell phones, laser pointers, and LED flashlights work). Now she is having a wonderful time creating stories about human conflict and difficult friendships that grow into love as characters discover their own faith in Christ. Her fascination with the Roman Empire was born during her first middle-school Latin class. A research career in New Mexico inspires her to get every historical detail right so she can spin stories that make her readers feel like they’re living under the Caesars themselves.

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Faithful (Light in the Empire)

Is the price of true friendship ever too high? In AD 122, Adela, the fiery daughter of a Germanic chieftain, is kidnapped and taken across the Roman frontier to be sold as a slave. When horse-trader Otto wins her while gambling with her kidnappers, he entrusts her to his friend and trading partner,…

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The Legacy (Light in the Empire)

When Rome has taken everything, what’s left for a man to give? Betrayed by a ruthless son who’ll do anything for power and wealth, Publius Drusus faces death with an unanswered prayer―that his treasured daughter, Claudia, and honorable son, Titus, will someday share his faith. But who will lead…

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Blind Ambition (Light in the Empire)

Sometimes you have to almost die to discover how you want to live. It’s AD 114 in the Roman province of Germania Superior, and being a Christian carries a death sentence. Tribune Decimus Lentulus is on the fast track for a stellar political career back in Rome. When he’s robbed, blinded, and left…

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Forgiven (Light in the Empire)

Are some wounds too deep to forgive? With a ruthless father who murdered for the family inheritance, Marcus Drusus plans to do the same. In AD 122, Marcus follows his brother Lucius to Judaea and plots to frame a zealot for his older brother's death. But the plan goes awry, and Lucius is rescued by…

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