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Cyn Taylor

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Cyn Taylor lives and plays in Knoxville Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. She and husband Brent live on his family farm at the peak of Thunder Ridge along with a feral cat and many other woodland creatures who come round to visit. They have two adult children and seven grandchildren.
As a former freelance photo journalist, Taylor has written faith, community and feature articles.
Cyn gets some of the best inspiration for her stories when she accompanies Brent on fly fishing excursions to the Smokies. He fishes. She writes. Life is good.

Books by Author

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Red Morning Glory (Smoky Mountain Mist Series) (Volume 2)

Glory Donaghan has a wonderful church, a devoted family, and a flourishing career. She feels God’s hand on every aspect of her life. That life flips when Glory awakens in a hospital bed accused of drug abuse by Tanner Slade, a man she’d just met. Her problems compound when the infuriating angler…

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Blue Mountain Sky: Smoky Mountain Mist Series

After four years Brianna Walters was finally making headway in forcing her late husband’s ghost to the recesses of her mind rather than the forefront of her heart. She had immersed herself into her company, deciding that no man could replace Grant. That was until she met Vic Andrews. Vic stormed into…

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