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D. I. Telbat

Author Bio:

D.I. (David) Telbat is a Christian author best known for his Suspenseful Fiction with a Faith Focus, which includes his bestselling COIL Series and standalone End Times Novels. He wrote his first book at age 14, and hasn't stopped since!
Telbat's Tablet, David's website/blog (, offers free weekly Christian adventure short stories, or related posts, to entertain, but also to bring attention to the persecuted worldwide. Because of his interest in the Persecuted Church, many of D.I. Telbat's stories are about persecuted Christians—their sacrifice, their suffering, and their rescues.
Also on his site, he shares his author reflections, book reviews, writing research, and occasional challenges to today's Christian. His complete biography can be found at
Getting into trouble with the law as a young man became a turning point in David's life. The Lord used that experience to draw David into a personal relationship with Him. Re-focusing his life for Christ, David now seeks to honor God with his life and his writing.
Telbat studied writing in college, and worked for a time in the newspaper field, but he is now doing what he loves: writing and Christian ministry. When not busy with ministry, he focuses on writing novels, short stories, blog posts, and prison ministry newsletters.
There is no redemption without sacrifice.

Books by Author

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Dark Vessel (The COIL Series) (Volume 4)

D.I. Telbat continues The COIL Series suspense in Dark Vessel, Book Four, when COIL founder Corban Dowler is forced underground after he is the target of a car bomb. His covert investigation begins on the streets of Manhattan when his Muhammad ibn Affal alias is compromised. But the knot of darkness…

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Dark Rule (The COIL Series) (Volume 3)

The COIL Series suspense continues in Dark Rule, Book Three by D.I. Telbat, taking the reader from the South Pacific to the Greek Isles—from the depths of the ocean to the cone of an unstable volcano. Nathan Isaacson—presumed dead by fellow agents, but has now been trained by master spy, Luigi Putelli—begins…

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Dark Hearted (COIL Series) (Volume 2)

In DARK HEARTED, Book Two in The COIL Series, the saga continues from Dark Liaison, Book One, and suspense heightens as COIL strives to preserve God’s people while searching for abducted operatives, only to uncover an evil plot in Europe. The Commission of International Laborers' mission is interrupted,…

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Dark Liaison: A Christian Suspense Novel (The COIL Series) (Volume 1)

DARK LIAISON, A Christian Suspense Novel, Book One in the COIL Series by D.I. Telbat, jumps into an intense scene where things are not as they seem when Memphis is unknowingly tested. And then we meet protagonist Corban Dowler... It's an age of prophetic strife when spiritual darkness collides with…

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