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Diane Ashley

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Born and raised in central Mississippi, I did not grow up in either a city or the country, so I consider myself a "town girl." I have been employed for more than 20 years by the Mississippi House of Representatives, where I currently serve as Assistant Clerk. When I took over the care of my mother, after the sudden death of my father, I rediscovered a thirst for writing. My brother was instrumental in pointing me toward a writing class taught by best-selling author, Aaron McCarver. I am an original member of a local Christian fiction writers' group, The Bards of Faith. Aaron and I have completed 2 three-book series for Heartsong Presents and we are currently working on a new series for Barbour Publishing.

Books by Author

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Mississippi Brides: 3-in-1 Historical Collection (Romancing America)

Head to Mississippi in a 3-in-1 collection of historical romances. . . . Alexandra Lewis’s life no longer makes sense. After her father’s death in a shootout, she feels pressure to carry out her duty to her family and wed, regardless of love. Abigail LeGrand won’t be hindered by marriage. Until…

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Jasmine (Song of the River, No. 3)

Jasmine Anderson runs away from her riverboat home and the faith and love of her past to pursue a life of fame. She flees to a showboat where she gains small roles and attracts the seductive attention of the lead actor and the bitter jealousy of a veteran actress. Then a great tragedy sets off a chain…

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Camellia: Song of the River (2)

Natchez belle turned riverboat maiden Camellia Anderson misses her old life of privilege. She misses the balls and she misses the suitors. . .then a chance to attend finishing school in New Orleans catapults her into an exciting world—and a whirlwind courtship with a dashing Confederate soldier. It’s…

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Lily: Song of the River

In 1859 Natchez, Mississippi, Lily Anderson is determined to thwart a marriage of convenience. She embarks on a riverboat venture to keep her and her two sisters afloat financially. But gambler Blake Matthews has won part ownership of Lily’s riverboat. How will their business profit if he and the…

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A Biltmore Christmas

Explore the luxuries of America’s largest home through the eyes of the fictional Bradford sisters. Having been orphaned, they each secure work and lodging at the Biltmore estate. Charity, a laundress; Peggy, an assistant cook, Selma, a chambermaid; and Melissa, a accident-prone young woman, each experience…

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As the River Drifts Away

Luke and Caroline may have wed too quickly. Captain Luke Talbot requests a transfer to be near his widowed grandmother and to nurse a broken heart. Hoping marriage to an appropriate Southern belle will heal his pain, he chooses a shy preacher's daughter. Surely she would never betray him. Caroline Pierce…

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Among the Magnolias

In spite of the love she sees between her parents, Abigail LeGrand is determined never to marry. Intelligent and opinionated, she fears marriage will quash her personality. Nathan Pierce is desperate to hide his past. An itinerant preacher, he's convinced that he is not worthy of God's forgiveness -…

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Tennessee Brides

Romance, adventures, and dangers--including the war with Britain, discrimination against the Cherokee, and organization of the Underground Railroad--lurk at the fringes of three Tennessee women's lives. Can they weather the storms and find love waiting for each of them at the end?

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Across the Cotton Fields

Alexandra Lewis’s father has been exposed as a thief and killed in a shootout. Her grandmother insists that she carry out her duty to the family by marrying a wealthy man, regardless of whether she loves him or agrees with his views on slavery. And Alexandra cannot understand how a loving God could…

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The Mockingbird's Call

Amelia never planned to become a notorious agent on the Underground Railroad; it just happened. Before she knew it, the whole Confederate army was looking for her - including her fiance, Captain Luke Talbot. Jared Stuart finds himself torn between his convictions and his duty. While he can't support…

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A Bouquet for Iris

Bored with life in Nashville and feeling unfulfilled, Iris yearns to do something meaningful. When the opportunity comes to travel to the Chattanooga area and become a nanny for two Cherokee orphans, Iris steps into her future. Attorney Adam Stuart knows better than to trust women or the government…

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Under the Tulip Poplar

Rebekah eagerly anticipates the return of her childhood sweetheart from college. . .and his long-awaited proposal. But when Asher instead tells her that their wedding must wait while he fights for his country, Rebekah’s dreams seem to shatter around her. Asher longs to provide a life of wealth and…

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A Connecticut Christmas

Experience a traditional Christmas in the quaint New England town of Snowbound Village. Cozy up to a crackling fire with romance that tops the wish list. Four young women begin the Christmas season in the town of Snowbound Village, Connecticut. Several work at the Village Mall while the others just…

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