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Vivian Bock

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Vivian Bock, born 1958 in Berlin, Abitur in 1978, had exchanged the optician profession for modeling lifelike pterosaurs (winged animals from the age of the dinosaurs). That happened at the University of Cambridge UK during 2006-2008. Astronomical connections and a keen interest in composite engineering led to Vivian's invention of a lightweight and portable Newtonian reflector telescope design (New Lightweight Cambridge Telescope – NCLT), awarded a “HOT PRODUCT 2009” by “SKY and TELESCOPE”. This “International Year of Astronomy of the United Nations 2009” was also the “Year of the 400th Anniversary of the Telescope since Galileo Galilei”.
“There are remarkable visions to manage general transport of people and goods more elegant and environmentally friendly. Green living, enough energy, and healthy organic food for everybody. But without devastating the planet or toiling like slaves for paying electronic bills to make a handful people rich like Scrooge McDuck”.
Enter the imminent dominion of Heaven in Vivian's utopian environmentalist aerospace adventure that is tackling the biggest issues of the end time. It lives beyond traditional metaphysical concepts whilst avoiding most popular esoteric stereotypes. Bible prophecy meets 'forbidden' archaeology. Adventures of aviation and spaceflight are barrel-rolling the reader into a bright and loveable future, nearby, exploring exotic locations including a museum-restaurant on the far side of the moon. Nonfiction and conspiracy theory elements indicate a rather literal understanding of certain prophetic expressions in the Bible, proclaiming our future of peace.
Brace for the final chord of the helpless nations of the world and find faith and hope in a new chapter of joy and peace on earth at A TIME OF GOLDEN SKIES.

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A Time of Golden Skies

Severe turbulences interfere with the adventurous life of the passionate BASE jumpers and air show pilots Dex and Sarah, when they learned about one of the greatest ancient mysteries of Biblical prophecy. Isaiah, a prophet of the Old Testament had predicted an Altar and a Stone Pillar at the border…

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