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Anna Zogg

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What do you get when you cross an army brat, a police record and an opera singer? Anna, of course! She’s been surrounded by the military (father, three siblings, husband and son), she was an exchange student in Denmark (where police records are mandatory) and she trained as a vocal major in college. With such a diverse background, she couldn’t help but become a writer.
After traveling the globe, she and her husband settled in Utah--a place they once swore they’d never live. Now they love it. With the towering mountains, nearby Great Salt Lake, high desert temperatures--she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.
Well, maybe...

Books by Author

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The Marshal's Mission

Hiding his true identity is the only way for US Marshal Jesse Cole to bring bank robbers to justice. But the lovely widow whose Wyoming ranch he stumbles onto reminds him of everything he's sacrificed for the law. When his job is done, he's resolved to leave Lenora Pritchard behind--until she and her…

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The Terran Summit: An Intergalaxia Novel (Volume 3)

Fail her mission and Earth’s treaties will collapse. Succeed and she will never reconcile with her past. When Special Agent Eva Hilliard is sent to retrieve two fugitives from Xerxes IX, she realizes events have been set into motion that will fragment the known universe. Whether she succeeds or fails…

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The Xerxes Factor: An Intergalaxia Novel (Volume 2)

USF special agent Kelli Layne has one goal in life—find the girl who was abducted on her watch. Confident and self-sufficient, she doesn’t need anyone. Including God. When she is nearly killed, she is forced to question her ideology. Only one person believes Kelli wasn’t involved in the kidnapping,…

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The Paradise Protocol: An Intergalaxia Novel (Volume 1)

Alone on a primitive planet light-years from Earth, bio-scientist Aric Lindquist believes she has been abandoned by SARC, the sponsor of her research assignment. In the five months since her assistant disappeared, she has struggled to survive Empusa III’s beautiful but hostile environment. Is SARC…

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Letters Across Time

During a late evening run, Lindsey Hayden is nearly killed along the Oregon coastal highway. She cannot explain the mysterious doorway that appears in the middle of the road, or the stranger who steps through the lighted entryway to save her life. Alex Northam cannot deny that Lindsey's letters reached…

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Moon Dancing

A rogue black stallion. A sacred white buffalo. Mysterious night voices. Megan Gillespie returns to Wyoming to fulfill a promise. Nothing more. Yet when the unexplainable happens, she is drawn into the intrigues surrounding her uncle's ranch...intrigues that escalate the longer she stays. How can prized…

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