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Marilyn Turk

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Marilyn Turk sees the world as the miraculous creation of God. As a writer, she tries to capture His truths in everyday life through her historical novels and heartfelt devotions. Her passion is to encourage women to develop their God-given gifts and find their strengths, a message she delivers when she speaks to audiences.
Marilyn is the director of the Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat, a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, American Christian Fiction Association, Word Weavers International and the Faith, Hope and Love chapter of RWA. She and her husband are avid lighthouse enthusiasts, having visited over 100, and her popular lighthouse blog features true lighthouse stories. In her spare time, you can find her boating and fishing with her husband, taking walks or playing tennis in her home state of Florida. Connect with her on and through social media.

Books by Author

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The Christmas Gazebo

The Christmas Gift Marilyn Turk 1910 Amateur photographer Lettie Morgan accompanies her aunt to Springlake, Florida for the annual Springlake Assembly. Jonathon Townsend, wealthy heir to the family fortune and first-time chairman of the event, wants the event to run smoothly.But when the train bringing…

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Crinoline Cowboys

A Cowboy of Her Own by Patty Smith Hall Bookish southern belle Madalyn Turner knows what she wants—to be a cowboy and own a Texas ranch. But books are far different from real life and soon she realizes she needs help. Josephine’s Dream by Cynthia Hickey An inexperience Southern belle and a ranching…

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Rekindled Light

At the onset of the Civil War, Sarah Turner’s hope to marry fiancé Josiah Hamilton crumbled when her father forbade her to ever see Josiah again because he chose the Union side. Now the war has ended, and Sarah and her family return to Pensacola to start life over. For seven years, Sarah harbored…

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The Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides Collection

Lighthouses have long been the symbol of salvation, warning sailors away from dangerous rocks and shallow waters. Along the Great Lakes, America’s inland seas, lighthouses played a vital role in the growth of our nation. They shepherded settlers traveling by water to places that had no roads. These…

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Redeeming Light

Cora Miller, a recent widow, moves to St. Augustine in 1875 with her young daughter Emily to start life over as a single mother. She opens a fine millinery shop to court the tastes of the wealthy and become part of the town’s social elite. She succeeds in gaining the hat business of tourists Pamela…

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Shadowed by a Spy

In the dead of night on June 12, 1942, four sailors climb from their German U-boat and make their way toward the coast of Long Island, NY. From there, they board the Long Island Railroad heading into Manhattan. One of the men, Cal Miller, is a US citizen, making him the perfect candidate for a special…

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Revealing Light

Sally Rose McFarlane follows her dream of being a teacher when she accepts a position as governess in post-Reconstruction, Florida. A misunderstanding of her previous experience in Ohio forces her to keep a secret to retain her job. When she learns about the recent Jim Crow laws, she realizes she also…

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Rebel Light

She ran away from the war only to find herself in the middle of it. Who will protect her now? It’s 1861, Florida has seceded from the Union, and residents of Pensacola evacuate inland to escape the impending war. But Kate McFarlane’s impulsive act of rebellion changes her life and that of many others…

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The Gilded Curse

Responding to a cryptic telegram, Lexie Smithfield returns to Jekyll Island to sell her family's abandoned vacation cottage in the Millionaire's Club. Because tragic events in her family convinced her mother the island was cursed, it's been ten years since her last visit to the island. Lexie's trip…

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Lighthouse Devotions

Lighthouses—inspiring, symbols of hope, refuge, safety, security, and strength. People the world over are drawn to them and what they represent. Every continent has at least one lighthouse guarding its shores, warning mariners of danger and showing them where they are. God’s Word does the same for…

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