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Wanda E. Brunstetter

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Wanda E. Brunstetter is a best-selling, award-winning author who writes historical and Amish-themed novels. She's also written several Amish-themed children's books, cookbooks, and devotionals. Wanda's interest in the Amish and other Plain People began when she married her husband, Richard, who grew up in a Mennonite church in Pennsylvania. Wanda and Richard travel extensively, and have many Amish friends in various parts of the country. Wanda and her husband have two children and six grandchildren.

Books by Author

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Westward Christmas Brides Collection: 9 Historical Romances Answer the Call of the American West

Take the journey into the American west alongside nine women who are chasing their dreams—Cynthia, for security; Beryl, for a new family; Adeline, for freedom; Molly, for marriage; Beth, for a new start; Belinda, for a place to heal; Suzette, for adventure; Juliet, for peace; and Caroline, for a future…

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The Healing (Kentucky Brothers)

Seek a fresh start with Amish widower Samuel Fisher as he journeys from Lancaster County to Bluegrass Country, hoping to find a balm for the grief he’s carried with him. Will this single father, burdened by yesterday’s memories, discover a new and perhaps better life in Kentucky, the land of tomorrow?…

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Sarah's Choice

Sarah Turner tends the lock on the Lehigh Canal in Walnutport, PA, but she wants to get her children away from the dangerous canal, where her husband was killed. Sarah has vowed never to marry another man who works on the canal. Elias Brooks left his newspaper job in Easton to captain his grandfather's…

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Lydia's Charm

Lydia King, a young widow, moves to Charm, Ohio with her young son to be close to her mother and help with her aging grandfather. Menno Troyer owns a furniture store and is also recently widowed. He's come to realize that he needs a mother for his four energetic boys. Levi Stutzman is the only member…

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Betsy's Return

Betsy Nelson leaves her life in the city and returns home to care for her ailing father, who is being forced to retire from the ministry. It hurts to see a new pastor take her father's place, but she never expected Pastor William Covington to be so charming and handsome. When Betsy and Pastor William…

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A Cousin's Challenge

After a serious van accident leaves Amish schoolteacher Jolene Yoder profoundly deaf, she leaves home to learn how to read lips and communicate with sign language. But two years later, a family with children who have been deaf since birth moves to Jolene's hometown, and she is asked to return as their…

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Kelly's Chance

Kelly McGregor's life along the Lehigh Canal has nothing in common with the beatuy that surrounds her. Forced to help her family survive by leading her father's mules as they pull boatloads of coal to the city, Kelly determines that she'll never be stuck in a loveless marriage like her parents. Her…

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A Cousin's Prayer

A year after her boyfriend was killed, a traumatized Katie Miller returns to her Amish community in Indiana, struggling with depression and panic attacks. Will she ever find the courage to face her inner demons? Freeman Bontrager has been interested in Katie since they were in school. Now that Katie's…

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A Cousin's Promise

When a group of eight cousins and friends leaves their Indiana Amish community for a weekend getaway, a horrible accident brings them home forever changed. Permanently disabled by the accident, Wayne Lambright struggles to take care of himself. He can't imagine being able to be the kind of husband Loraine…

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White Christmas Pie

Will Henderson, abandoned by his father 16 years ago and left in the care of an Amish couple, is about to marry Karene Yoder. But as Will contemplates marriage and potential fatherhood, he wonders if he'll eventually destroy his family as his father did. Karen Yoder can't break through the barrier Will…

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A Sister's Hope

Martha is the youngest of the Hostettler sisters and the most daring. While her main focus has been on her dog breeding business, Martha has also been troubled about the continuing attacks against her family and home in their Ohio Amish community. When the prime suspect turns out to be Luke Friesen--the…

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A Sister's Test

Ruth is the second oldest sister in the Hostettler family, and she has one burning desire--to marry and fill her Amish household with children. Life seems to be falling into place when Martin Gingerich starts to court her and she befriends a motherless child. But Ruth's dreams are suddenly shattered…

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A Sister's Secret

Putting her running around years behind her, Grace Hostettler returns to Holmes County, Ohio and begins a new life with a new romance. The next four years are nearly idyllic, except for the hidden pain she bears from a carefully harbored secret. Grace's peaceful world is shattered when she runs into…

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