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Daniel Roland Banks

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Daniel Roland Banks was born in Bakersfield, California and abandoned by his parents in Seattle, Washington. After living in the foster care system for some years, he was eventually adopted. He’s traveled internationally, lived in Idaho, Washington, California, Virginia, and now makes his home in Texas with his wife Lora. They have four grown children of whom they are justifiably proud, not because they are such good parents, but because God is good.
At one (brief) point he was one of the 3% of fine visual artists who earn their entire income from sales of their art. He’s a writer, a painter and a sculptor.
In 2013, after 40+ years of searching, he found and got reacquainted with his long lost half-brother and a host of relatives from his mother’s side of the family.
A Member of the Association of Christian Fiction Writers, in 2015 his book Angels & Imperfections was selected as a finalist in Christian Fiction in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards contest.

Books by Author

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Angels & Imperfections: Book One (Volume 1)

When private detective John Wesley Tucker is hired to do a background check for an aspiring politician, he finds himself stalked by evil. East Texas is not the center of the known universe, and Tyler is hardly a major metropolis, but people are people, wherever you find them. In his service to others,…

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ANGELS & IMPERFECTIONS, Book Two; Special Agent (Volume 2)

When a young man is forced into hiding after rescuing a helpless woman from the leader of a vicious street gang, Private Investigator John Wesley Tucker is sent to find him. While trying to avoid a firefight in the belly of a Cyprus bayou, Tucker finds himself in need of help from an old friend. His…

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