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Linda Robinson

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Linda Robinson writes Christian fictional stories of faith, friendship, and family relationships and is the author of five published novels. She’s a member of her local Val McGee Writers' Forum, American Christian Fiction Writers, Scribes critique group, and others. In addition to guest-blogging and writing fiction and non-fiction humorous short stories for magazines and contests, her sixth book, a compilation of her favorite short stories, released in September 2016.

Books by Author

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Truth & Southern-Fried Fiction

In Truth & Southern-Fried Fiction, Linda Robinson has compiled a book of her favorite short stories, written over a period of six years. Whether penned for her local Writers' Forum assignments, to capture moments in time, or just for fun, her tales are bound to captivate and leave you wanting more.…

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Natalie's Consequences (Faith and Family) (Volume 3)

Natalie Hudson—daughter of doting parents, college student preparing for a career in veterinary medicine, and fiancée of the perfect friend and companion—couldn’t be happier. Until her idyllic world is shaken by unexpected news and circumstances. Nicholas, her betrothed, asks to postpone their…

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Natalie's Commitments (Faith and Family) (Volume 2)

A tragic accident crushes high school senior Natalie Hudson’s spirits, jeopardizes her chances of graduating, and threatens her faith. Though she’s excited to move away to college, she soon suffers severe homesickness and questions her decision to leave the protection of her home and loving family,…

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Natalie's Choices (Faith and Family) (Volume 1)

Is it possible for two teenaged girls from completely different backgrounds to forge a lasting friendship—a relationship strong enough to endure life-altering events? Beautiful, ambitious, and spoiled high school sophomore Natalie Hudson aims for a veterinarian career, but she is bored with school…

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Rails of Freedom

Seventeen-year-old Nathan Hudson dreamed of escaping his life and family. More than anything, he wanted to be his own boss and never again have to answer to another person. When he managed to do just that-by sneaking out and hitching a ride to the next town-he vowed he'd never go home again. All alone,…

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When Love Abounds

Lou Ellen's life is filled with luxuries, comfort, and love. She has a nice house, a beautiful garden, and a husband and family who adore her. She should be happy. So why is she left with indefinable feelings that something is left unfinished? In search of answers, Lou Ellen must journey back into her…

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