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Nancy Ellen Hird

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Nancy Ellen Hird writes for children and adults. "We All Get a Clue--from My Edinburgh Files," is the second book in the series and her latest work. Like "I Get a Clue" it is a mystery in the tradition of Nancy Drew. Nancy Ellen also writes short stories for adults. She is the team leader for Books 4 Christian Kids, a blog that recommends fiction and non-fiction books for kids. She is married to a theater professor and lives in California.

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We All Get a Clue: --from My Edinburgh Files (Book2)

The kids from I Get a Clue are back! Libby, Malcolm, and Roopa are up to their eyeballs in a new mystery/adventure. A valuable antique is stolen during a catered event at Lintwhite. Lord Blackford believes the catering crew, which includes Libby and Malcolm, are involved. His Lordship particularly suspects…

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I Get a Clue: - from My Edinburgh Files

"I Get a Clue" is a mystery novel for girls, ages 10 to 13. Boys like it too. American Libby Carlsen is sent to Scotland to live with her grandmother and her aunt who run a bed-and-breakfast. Jet-lagged after the long flight from the States, Libby trips over her sister’s suitcase and stumbles…

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