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Welcome to Bellechester

By Margaret A. Blenkush


Meet the lovable and quirky residents of this idyllic 1959 Shropshire County village as Dr. Mary Elizabeth Senty arrives to join Dr. Harold Merton's medical practice. Detective Inspector William Donnelly has recently transferred to Bellechester from London's Metropolitan Police Service to deal with the rash of jewel thefts in the area. When local socialite Lady Beatrice Brantwell is enlisted to throw a gala as a ruse to flush out the thieves, she pairs the newcomers in hopes of kindling a romance. Despite the police's best efforts, jewels, including Mary Elizabeth's precious agate pendant, are stolen in an intricately planned heist.

Can William and his officers solve the case and return the jewels to their rightful owners? Does love stand a chance between the career- minded doctor and duty-bound chief inspector? Find out in this gentle, cozy sequel to The Doctor of Bellechester which is sure to keep readers turning the pages.

Book Takeaway:

Life takes many turns and we end up in unexpected places.

Why the author wrote this book:

Dr. Mary Elizabeth's story is just beginning! This is book two in what I hope to be a four book (or more) series.


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