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The Cyrenian, Crossroads and a Cross

By Donovan Peterkin


This is the riveting story of two men, on two different roads that converge in the most important moment in time for all mankind. Both are betrayed and hunted by the very same enemies and through events that could only be Divinely ordered, are destined to carry the very same Cross.

Book Takeaway:

All in all, this is a story of salvation and faith on many levels. It is also a story that shows another way that Jesus is our example of how to live here on Earth. The Son of God in all his power and glory, as a man, needed the help an everyday man in order to complete the greatest mission of all eternity. He showed us that while we must take up our crosses and follow Him, we must also help others carry their crosses when the opportunity presents itself, so that our missions on Earth can be completed in the same way. By helping another, you too will be helped.

Why the author wrote this book:

I often tried to imagine what it would have been like to have been the one to carry Jesus' cross to Calvary. Who was he? How did he get there? Why was he there at that moment? What effect did that moment have on him and his life? What does one do after such an experience? His story as I've written it is one that I pray will move especially those who may never open a bible or enter a church to want to seek answers. I pray that that the story of salvation will become very real to all that read these pages, and that souls will be won for The Kingdom.


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