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Snow Globe Secrets

By Laura Thomas


Shootings. Snow globes. Secrets.
When successful realtor, Alexis James, witnesses a shooting outside the bookstore in her hometown of Hollybrook, she soon realizes the perpetrator has unfinished business, and now she is caught in the crossfire.
Tom Harrington is a British, best-selling author who needs to honor a promise and find some answers in this Canadian winter wonderland—but trouble follows him across the ocean.

He read her like a book from the beginning…
As Alexis is swept up in a festive whirlwind of danger and love, Tom attempts to break through her ice queen persona. But when chilling walls close in, they both have to decide: can they share their truth, rekindle their faith, and risk their lives if they have any hope for a Happily Ever After?

Book Takeaway:

We are an open book with God—He sees us, knows us, and loves us unconditionally.

Why the author wrote this book:

In the previous novella, The Christmas Cabin, Alexis was the somewhat frosty sister of the protagonist, and I wanted to share why Alexis was known as "the ice queen" and to show that there is always hope for acceptance with God, even for the hardest of hearts.


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