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Another Outer Banks Christmas

By Christina Sinisi


As the daughter of missionaries, Kerrie Alexander has lived on Hatteras—an island in the Outer Banks—longer than any other place she’s been. When her parents inform her the family is slotted to go overseas again, she balks. Her life on the island—her job, her friends, even the handsome hero in her Sunday School class—makes her want to put down roots. Butto do so, she’ll need to find a place to live, face being on her own separated from any close family—something she’s never done before.

Firefighter and EMT Wade Jackson can face pretty much any emergency, except his matchmaking grandpa threatening him with disinheritance if Wade doesn’t get married in just three months. Not that Wade objects to the idea of marriage, but how does a guy who has no problem running into burning buildings find the courage to ask a girl like Kerrie out for a date? She’s a role model for everything good, and he comes from a rough and broken home. Not to mention, Christmas is right around the corner!

Book Takeaway:

Our home is where God is, and maybe some of His people show us the way.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because my publisher put out a call for a Christmas novella--and I had fallen in love with a minor character in a previous book. I had to tell Wade's story (and find out what it was).


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