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Finding Baby Jesus: A Novella

By Lynn Weathington


A tiny stable. A young betrothed couple. An angel from heaven. Sheep and shepherds from the hill country. Magi from the east bearing gifts. The stage is set for the Messiah’s humble birth, except for one crucial detail…He fell through a hole in the shipping package.

Finding Baby Jesus focuses on two diverse young women: Leigh Day, whose nativity scene is missing a key character, and Lucy Grant, who saves a tiny bundle after it falls from a delivery truck. Each one struggling with life-altering circumstances, they inhabit the same small town in Georgia.

Will Baby Jesus find his way back into the nativity in time for Christmas?

Book Takeaway:

God is still in the miracle business.

Why the author wrote this book:

The genesis for Finding Baby Jesus came quite by accident. Neil and I were newlyweds, and I wanted to decorate according to my individual tastes and style. I ordered a basic Fontanini™ nativity set. My sister, Lesia, received one when she first married, and I liked the tradition of adding to it each year. When the package arrived, I set it aside because it was October. Weeks later, when decorating the house for Christmas, I unpacked the carton to set it up on my dining room buffet. There was a stable, an angel, some sheep, a shepherd, Mary, Joseph…but guess what? I didn't have the main character! When I inspected the box, there was a gouge in the side, just big enough for Baby Jesus to escape.

Even though I ordered a replacement that arrived just a few days later, I realized if I lost Baby Jesus, someone surely must have found him! And from that humble beginning, an allegory tale began weaving itself. Writing a novella about a lost figurine has been quite challenging! I pray you discover the magic of Christmas miracles as you read this story.


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