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Escaping Illusions

By Therese Heckenkamp


All she wants is a new beginning, but it will come at a chilling cost.

Brook Morton doesn’t believe in happily ever after. Not after what she’s been through. Determined to protect her daughter and start a new life, she seeks refuge in the dead of winter in the small town of Vanishing Lakes.

But not everything is as it seems . . .

When Brook encounters an old friend’s brother, charismatic stage magician Max, at an isolated lake house, it complicates everything. Although she shared a special connection with him years ago, she can’t let that cloud her judgment. A man famous for deception is the last person she should trust. Especially with her heart.

When danger lurks where it’s least expected, no place—and no one—is safe.

Riveting clean romantic suspense by an award-winning author.

Escaping Illusions is the third book in the Frozen Footprints series but can be enjoyed as a standalone novel.


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