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Jacob's Well

By Urcelia Teixeira


“A mother knows. At least, that’s what everyone told her. That she’d know when something was wrong. Feel it. Deep inside as if there was an invisible cord that had stayed behind the day she brought her son into this life.
Well, they were wrong. Dead wrong.
She didn’t know her son at all. But then, he didn’t know her either.”
©Urcelia Teixeira – Excerpt Jacob’s Well. All rights reserved.

Dark secrets swirl around the small coastal town of Weyport as Mary-Jean Foley discovers just how far she would go to protect her son.

Even with a new sheriff in town. Even when her husband doesn’t agree. Even when she thinks God isn’t looking.

But how far is too far and at what cost?


As newly appointed small-town Sheriff Angus Reid settles into Weyport, it doesn’t take him long to discover just how corrupt his new town is. With a desk full of suspicious open cases and too much to prove, he is determined to rid his town of crime and win the hearts of his people.

But when two teenagers suddenly go missing, it lays bare sinister secrets and emotional ties that threaten to derail his investigation.

And as the case untangles, the secrets buried deep within the coastal borders of the tight-knit community slowly bubble to the surface.

Determined to find justice for the missing boys and their families, he races against the clock to find them. Unbeknownst of the dark forces that rage against him.

Then he gets a call that a body has been found…

If you enjoy suspenseful, twisty secrets and lies mystery novels that are rooted in faith and leave your heart in your throat, you will have a hard time putting down this page-turning Christian mystery and suspense novel.

Get ready to be taken on an emotional journey through a town where it seems everyone has a secret.

Book Takeaway:

Inspired by John 14:9

- Jesus answered, "Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?”

Why the author wrote this book:

I was thrilled with how many of you asked for more of Deputy Sheriff Angus Reid after you read the now prequel, Little Boy Lost, that it was a super easy decision to create a brand new mystery series centered around Angus and the people of Weyport where it seems everyone has a secret...or two!

This book has everything I enjoy in a book. Murder mystery, twisty plots, secrets, heartfelt emotions, likable characters, a coastal setting, a little bit of forensics, you name it!

I absolutely loved creating the characters in this book and although I am always a little nervous about getting the faith message properly conveyed in the story, I am so pleased with how it all came together in the end. Even with all the plot twists that not even I saw coming!


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