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Cheese Grits and Hissy Fits-Small Town Girl Book 3

By Jann Franklin


The Town of Graisseville, Louisiana needs leadership, and Jen Guidry's ready to help!
The village council has resigned. Who will take on a job paying twenty-five dollars a month? Can Jen's father-in-law forgive the people who turned their backs on his grandmother Evelyn Fontenot when she married Wade Guidry?
And what about the star-crossed romance of Acadian Fontenot and Gracie St. Clair? What happened in the past to cause such awkwardness seventeen years later? Would either of them find love? As always, God had a plan.
Don't miss the final adventures!
Grab your copy of this small town book and follow along as Jen navigates a life she never expected to love. How will this Southern heroine save her village and help her friends?
This book is the third of the Small-Town Girl Series.

Book Takeaway:

God has a plan-always! Even when times are tough and nothing is working, He's always got it all figured out. We just need to have faith.

Why the author wrote this book:

It's the 3rd in my series and I wanted to complete the trilogy. I love this storyline and will miss it though.


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