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Broken Silence

By Jane Daly


What if your deepest secret was revealed to those you hold dear?
Jinxi Lansing has settled into a new life with her friend and mentor, Janice Rafferty. She’s found a place to belong – finally. But what if her new friends find out about the part she played in a little boy’s death? Would her tenuous hold on her new life be yanked away, leaving her once again on the outside looking in?
Janice Rafferty and her son Dean have their own secrets. Janice’s secret could tear her family apart, while Dean’s could change the trajectory of his career and his life.
When Jinxi’s former boyfriend appears on the scene, Jinxi’s new faith is tested to the limit. Jinxi, Dean, and Janice discover the truth that what is brought into the light loses its power over us.

Book Takeaway:

Secrets revealed lose their power over us.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is a sequel to Broken, A Story of Redemption. My fans needed to know if Dean and Jinxi ever got together.


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