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A Future and a Hope

By Caroline Powers


When Larkyn Wagner barely misses hitting a bicyclist with her car, visions of her husband’s death by hit and run overwhelm her. The victim, Gabriel DeSantis, a recently discharged Army veteran who lost his leg in Afghanistan is plenty ticked until he sees the remorse of his attacker. By the time the lovely widow departs, he’s almost sympathetic.
Neither expects to ever meet again, but another collision thrusts them together for keeps.
Gabe is focused on finding a career outside of the infantry and Larkyn still pines for the love of her life. How will they handle their unwanted attraction in circumstances they don’t control?

Book Takeaway:

God loves us as we are. Hope is found in His grace and forgiveness. Forgive as we are forgiven.


Year Title Description
2022 Genesis 2022 for Romance Silver Award for nonpublished authors - silver is not 1st place

Why the author wrote this book:

To share the gospel in a way that reaches hearts through story using my experience of healing and serving in healing ministry.


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