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Doxxi No More

By Roger E. Bruner


Striving to become a respected author, Richard P. Jones must not only keep his girlfriend Jenna from learning that he’s the elusively popular pulp novelist DOXXI, he must also keep his investigative reporter neighbor Bo from uncovering and making Richard’s DOXXI identity front page news.

But what if Bo is a friend Richard doesn’t want to see hurt by failure?

And what if Jenna already knows Richard’s secret?

What if Richard has a trust issue that’s more important than his secret?

What part will a book-length homework assignment play in solving Richard’s problems?

Book Takeaway:

Trust and forgiveness are necessary for any relationship to last.

Why the author wrote this book:

Ever since college I've been fascinated with Hawthorne's "The Artist of the Beautiful," but it's very outdated now. I decided to take advantage of that fact in some unexpected ways.


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