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Rebecca's Anchor

By Patricia Reece


Starlyn Craighead comes home to Starlight Virginia after fighting in the revolutionary war, where his cousin Andrew is wounded after they defeat the British at the battle of Cowpens.
He must now fight a worthy opponent for the woman he loves. The men of their community, and the ‘Old Wagoner’, General Morgan, gather around to see who wins the right to pursue Rebecca Thompson.
“It were a bloody fight, it were. I even put me money on Woodson but that Craighead would not quit. He just got back up and came at Woodson again.”
Freedom from Britain opened up the west and over the hills the settlers swarmed. His father Thomas’s freighting business grew. Starlyn borrowed on a note from Father, built close by, adding a freighting shed to handle their growing business. His acreage yielded good cash crops, providing plenty for their growing family.
Throughout their lives his brother Jack held resentment toward Starlyn. Now circumstances have arisen where Starlyn must trust Jack with all he treasures. Will Brother Jack keep his promise to Starlyn?


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