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The Return of a Cowboy - Crossroads Creek Cowboys (Book 3)

By Elsie Davis


He’s an attorney and single father with no job. She’s a kindergarten teacher with a heart the size of Texas. When her help steps on his dusty boots, will he be able to accept assistance freely given or will he struggle through the changes on his own?

After Seth’s wife leaves him and their son behind for greener pastures, he returns to Crossroads Creek and the family ranch he inherited years ago. He needs to learn parenting skills and fix up the ranch, but he’s got time on his hands to figure it out.

Leslie loves working with children. Especially the ones she sees as troubled and who need extra attention, something she recognizes all too well from her own childhood. As a first-grade teacher, she gets plenty of opportunity. And when Toby, the new boy in her class, is struggling to fit in…it’s Leslie to the rescue.

Through faith and friendship, Seth and Leslie muddle their way through the struggles of life and parenting. Will they realize the greatest gift is theirs for the taking…the gift of love?


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