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Strong Currents

By Delores Topliff


Is any price too great to pay for love and freedom? Strong Currents surge in the river and in the hearts of men. Josh Vengeance survives Midway but may never fight again. Erica Hofer escapes Nazi Germany for America to show the world that German Christians resist their nation's madman, but instead of being accepted, she is suspected and attacked. Will Josh's love and courage be enough to win the fight to safeguard America and keep them both safe from the evil that stalks her?

Book Takeaway:

Among individuals or nations, when the hard redemptive work of forgiveness and honesty is done, it transforms the strong currents of human suspicion and prejudice into strong hopes to build a more equitable tomorrow.

Why the author wrote this book:

My father fought in WWII in the Western Pacific. I've stood in foreign countries and received the profound thanks of people liberated by our US Navy. My college roommate's Austrian teacher dad was forced into Hitler's Army and was killed days later. I'm writing with the belief that history does not have to repeat itself--that we can make choices to deny evil and determine a better future.


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