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The Glass Road

By Alyssa Schwarz


Austin Wright had bigger dreams than to inherit his grandfather’s old property, but with the help of his nephew and a few volunteers, he decides to reopen the idyllic summer camp of his youth.
Following her accident at the first triathlon of the season, Tess Prescott’s dreams of the Olympics are shattered, and when her brother volunteers her to work at his friend’s summer camp, she is anything but pleased. Determined to make the best of a bad situation, and to keep herself busy while she recovers, she reluctantly agrees, and ultimately learns the joy of being part of a team.
In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, two people must learn to work together if they have any chance of making it through this season of change—even if it means sacrificing the dreams they once strove so hard to protect. But one unexpected secret could have the power to unravel it all.

Book Takeaway:

Set our sights on God, and press on toward the goals He has called us toward.

Why the author wrote this book:

The next book in the Prescott Family Romance series, The Glass Road follows the story of Tess Prescott and her search for meaning and identity in a world where she thinks she's already figured everything out.


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