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The Merchant's Curse (Book 4)

By Antony B. Kolenc


In this thrilling installment of the award-winning series, The Harwood Mysteries, Xan is living in Lincoln as a merchant’s apprentice to his uncle. But all is not well. Uncle William’s business partner has become deathly ill after he angered a mysterious, scarred woman in the marketplace. Nigel, the reckless nephew of William’s business partner, has put them in danger by befriending an enemy of the King. Why is there a band of brutes lurking near Uncle William’s shop?
Does the disfigured woman in the marketplace really have power over life and death? Will Nigel stop his dealings with a known traitor?

Book Takeaway:

The vanities of this life cannot bring true happiness or salvation.

Why the author wrote this book:

To offer youth suspenseful, spooky, action-packed mysteries that also teach strong family and spiritual values.


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