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Collapse: The Death of Independence

By Angela D. Shelton


If malnutrition doesn’t kill seventeen-year-old Olivia, her search for security just might.

Basic survival is the goal for most after the apocalypse strikes. So, when Olivia’s father abandons her with relatives who can barely feed themselves, the resentment is obvious.

Hungry for something more than just scraps of food, Olivia meets the connected, suave, and handsome Nick, who offers her just what she’s after.

Nick seems to help many local women. But there’s something about him that Olivia can’t quite put her finger on. She wonders why he makes so many promises and what he’s going to expect in return.

Will the lure of security make Olivia fall for Nick and lose more than she bargained for? Or can she stand to survive on her own?

Death of Independence, Book three of the Collapse Series, a post-apocalyptic, young adult novel. Explore the frightening possibilities in this tale by Angela D. Shelton.

Book Takeaway:

With God's help, and the help of others, we can all be independent.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book is the final in the Collapse series and it addresses the evils of human trafficking as well as the desire we all have to be independent.


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