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To Steal Maggie's Heart

By Ronda Simpson


Meet twenty-one-year-old Maggie Garfield, the quite capable owner of a large and profitable mail-order catalog company, Mando Merchandising, in 1898. She is dedicated to carrying on the legacy left by her deceased father, William, who founded Mando Merchandising and the town of Garfield.
By design, the township is almost entirely inhabited by ladies who have aged out of orphanages. In homage to his late wife, William has provided homes and jobs to these orphans who would otherwise have few options to live independently in male-dominated America.
The town of Garfield is about to change when the ladies tell Maggie they desire families, something most have never experienced as orphans. Because there are very few men living there, and Maggie does not want the ladies to leave, she devises a plan. Advertising for male-order husbands!
Enter the potential grooms: Garrett Hanley, a man who might be willing to steal Maggie’s heart, as well as Mando Merchandising, to rid himself of the ruthless Rex Timmons, and Jesse Walker, a spoiled college graduate forced by his mother to become one of Garfield’s chosen candidates. Will these men become grooms for any of the ladies of Garfield, or cause more havoc than harmony? Can Rex Tillman be successful in his attempts to take over Mando Merchandising? Maggie will need to be the strong leader William has groomed her into if she wants Garfield and Mando Merchandising to remain safe and prosperous.

Book Takeaway:

A strong woman teamed up with God can accomplish much, with or without a man.

Why the author wrote this book:

I want to encourage women to be strong and to walk daily with Jesus.


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