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Counterfeit Hope

By Crystal Caudill



When Secret Service operative Andrew Darlington is brought in to support a US Marshal case involving counterfeiters in rural Indiana, he thinks it's simply the next rung on his climb to the top of his career. But liars can only climb so high--and Andrew is keeping a dangerous secret he doesn't ever want to get out. When he clashes with the criminal family that took over the town of Landkreis and killed the Marshal he was sent to assist, his past life is in danger of being exposed.

Widow "Lightning Lu" Thorne has only one goal: escape the clutches of the Thorne family with her son. Her decision to be an informant and testify against the Thornes looked like the perfect answer. Until the Marshal ended up dead. Now the tether keeping her tied to her felonious family is tightening, and a forced marriage to someone else in the Thornes' clutches threatens to kill any hope of escape.

Andrew and Lu find themselves on the same team--unwillingly. They each believe the other to be the enemy to their future plans. And even if they could learn to work together, the secrets they hold could shatter all hopes and dreams. Despite the encouragement of the local preacher, they're not even sure God can be trusted--much less other humans. Can either of them escape their past--and the family that is willing to kill their own when they smell betrayal?

On the heels of her smashing debut, this second entry in Crystal Caudill's historical series maintains the excitement that readers of Michelle Griep, Liz Tolsma, and Elizabeth Camden will love.

Book Takeaway:

No one's past or present is "too far gone" to be redeemed from. Our hope is in Christ not in what we can do to escape our pasts.

Why the author wrote this book:

Dear Reader,

The story you are about to read contains a heroine who is created by God but broken by the world. Lu Thorne is a former prostitute, a thief, a person who is suffering abuse, and a widowed mother who is stuck in a criminal family that won’t let her and her son leave. You will see what her life is like and the struggles she faces, including some instances of abuse. I tried to handle it with a light touch, but for those who are triggered by such events, I want you to have the warning. Skip over those parts if necessary, but I urge you to continue reading. Lu’s story is one God led me to write and one I have bathed in prayer. She does find hope and redemption, but like most of us, it isn’t an easy road. Thankfully, God doesn’t leave us to walk this journey alone.

I like to assume my readers are personally familiar with who Jesus is and the hope He provides, but I know that’s not always true. If you want to learn more about who Jesus is, how much He loves YOU—yes, you, (insert your name)—then I invite you to visit, or email me at Romance stories are good, but the greatest romance ever told was God’s love story for you.
With prayers and sisterly love,
Crystal Caudill


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