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Lily's Mechanic

By Seralynn Lewis


Sometimes you have to go home again and find the one who loved you first.

When Carson Brown arrives in the town he remembers as the place of sweet summer childhood fun, he finds the inheritance his uncle left him comes with conditions that could prove financially disastrous for him. When his high school sweetheart turns up right next door, he tries to convince himself she is an additional headache he doesn’t need.

Lilly Bennett wants her and her two young sons to escape the stigma of her life in Austin, Texas, after her dead husband’s trail of lies. She returns to Worthy, Ohio, to find the family farm in financial trouble and her father’s health in decline. When Carson Brown, the man who left her behind a dozen years ago shows up on her doorstep, she’s catapulted back to a painful time.

With so much betrayal in their past, can Carson and Lily have the do-over they dare to hope for, and become a happy couple again?

Book Takeaway:

Misunderstandings and cross purposes need forgiveness.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to show readers that there are always second chances even if years have gone by.


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