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A Fallen Sparrow: A Novel of the American Revolution

By Lynne Basham Tagawa


Ruth Haynes uses the pen name Honorius when she writes for her father’s newspaper. Boston has changed beyond recognition, and her Loyalist views soon get her in trouble. With war looming, what will their family do?

Jonathan Russell hides a guilty secret. The Battle of Bunker’s Hill sweeps him and his Shenandoah Valley family into the war. The unthinkable happens, and he’s forced to deal with both his grief—and his guilt.

Lieutenant Robert Shirley is summoned by his godmother and introduced to the Earl of Dartmouth, who charges him to gather intelligence in Boston. He is horrified but must obey.

Gritty, realistic, and rich with scriptural truth, this story features Dr. Joseph Warren, Major John André, Henry Knox, and Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton.

Book Takeaway:

Suffering under tyranny--injustice--happens in every generation, and I hope my readers will be blessed by the spiritual journeys of my characters. They understood that in the end of the day, God rules over all and we can trust in him.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book is the final installment in a trilogy that touches on several themes: the Great Awakening and the progress of the gospel in colonial America, and the principle of the rule of law. It also showcases Rutherford's Lex, Rex in a user-friendly way, as the characters grapple with the issues of the day and make difficult choices. These are timeless principles, and I also noticed that no one was writing about the Great Awakening--very few books are set during that period or have any relation to it. But it shaped our nation!


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